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Muskan Sethi Redefining Indian Poker Scene

by Shweta Dave
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Muskan Sethi – The New Face of Indian Poker 

Anyone who’s at least present on the poker scene knows the name Muskan Sethi. It might sound only vaguely familiar, but do not fret – you’ll meet the famous lady in just a moment.

Sethi is the female professional poker player in India, possibly the only professional female player in the country currently. However, that will undoubtedly change in the future, given the breadth of Sethi’s influence in today’s poker realm.

Without further ado, let’s meet the woman who changed the face of the poker world in India two years ago – and continues to transform it with each day.

The Game-Changer

India is one of the largest casino markets in the world. Each casino game is equally popular, but there is just one thing – the player base mostly consists of male players. The male-dominated gaming arena in India was a robust system – up until the point Sethi emerged on the scene. When the Indian scene got to meet the mysterious woman behind the name Muskan Sethi, everyone was surprised. She displayed terrific skill and proficiency and soon became a household name – in poker circles, at least.

With a wealth of reputable casinos in India, the country proudly stands as a go-to market for first-class casino entertainment. However, there is no doubt Sethi’s presence in poker circles will further boost both the popularity and significance of poker in the market.

So, what’s the deal with Sethi, you ask? Well, it’s simple – she’s a lady player. We do live in a world that significantly appreciates woman – at least, more than before – but there is still room for growth. And that is precisely what Sethi is up for. 

Her presence on the Indian gaming scene, or more precisely, poker scene, caused a fundamental stir in the traditional, male-oriented, gaming market. She quickly became not only a champion of poker from India, but rather a champion of women playing poker in the country. Two years after her arrival, Sethi holds the prestigious position of India’s Ambassador of Responsible Gaming. Her shelves are full of prizes and accolades, but probably the most important one is the Women’s Achiever Award from the President.

The New Face of Indian Gaming

However, saying that Sethi influenced women to play more poker in India would be undermining her potential. Muskan and her significance transcend that. Instead, we could easily say that she influenced a lot of people to take up poker. With her, the game became a mind sport in the country. But, most of all, the stigma that surrounds the game in such a traditional sphere began to fade.

Before she reached the top-tier and exclusive poker destinations around the world, Sethi practiced her skills at home. She took up poker when she was 11, previously having watched her grandmother and father play. With time, her expertise only grew – she started playing more and more, and eventually reached her first poker events. After that, things took their course. Sethi kept polishing her craft and soon became known as one of the best players in the country. And her influence is undeniable.

Recently, Sethi announced that she would appear in “Poker Queens”, a documentary that portrays the lives of female poker players around the world. The documentary brings out the stories of several women who have surpassed all obstacles and became top players – regardless of their gender. If you wish to watch it, you can find it on Amazon Prime.

There is no doubt we can expect even more inspiring news and bigger achievements from India’s rising poker star. She’s only 24, and her time to shine is yet to come.

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